Visualization of the house and facade

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The 3D visualized facade of the building allows construction companies, realtors, contractors to visually demonstrate to their clients the future appearance of the building. Not every customer or investor is well versed in drawings, so ordering the creation of a 3D visualization of a private house, residential complex or shopping center is a solution that allows you to demonstrate the future exterior of the building and its surrounding area. Such as rustication on the corners of the building, classic gypsum window frames moldings. All this creates a mood and causes the effect of "tasty" angle and presentation. It is these works that are called selling. They will not be ashamed to be used on a real estate sales website or a billboard in a populated city near the road. It is for such angles that it is not enough to be able to work correctly technically in a 3D program, here the emphasis is more on artistry, composition construction, i.e. the visualizer must also have the skills of photography and building a composition that sells material. We control each of our employees, conduct planned training courses, improve their skills. When the development of the team does not stand still, it breathes life into every project that we do for you. Knowledge of architecture, engineering is also not an unimportant factor. When dealing with the visualization of buildings and houses, it is important to know the features of a particular finishing material in order to display it correctly. Or for example, the width of the gutter is about 20 centimeters. If each time the visualizer refines these parameters, then the work will be delayed for a long time and we simply will not meet the deadlines. Summing up, we can say that this specialist is a composite of many areas associated with creativity and engineering.

Visualization of the house and facade
Visualization of the house and facade

Benefits of 3D Visualization

Visualization of the future home allows you to get not just a schematic picture, but the most accurate model. This provides the following benefits:

  • during development, the design documentation of the future building is checked for shortcomings;
  • visual demonstration of the facade, windows, building materials used;
  • showing how harmoniously the house will look, look "from the side".

Facade visualization types

Depending on the angle of the future picture, there are the following types of 3D representation of building facades:

  • at eye level - allows you to visually show how the house will look in real conditions;
  • at a height of no more than 10 m - opens a full view of the facade, without focusing on the environment;
  • at a bird's eye view - demonstrates the entire general view of the house or residential complex as a whole with the infrastructure located in the district;
  • image angles - show a zest that conveys all the advantages of the future object in one picture.
Visualization of the house and facade

In addition to the angle, other details are taken into account in the design of the visualization of the facade of the building. If necessary, playgrounds, tree plantations, cars in the parking lot, pedestrians are drawn.

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