The price of 3D visualization of the interior. The cost of the premises


  Do you want to create a comfort zone, a space of functionality, coziness and aesthetics that will inspire new achievements? With the help of modern 3D visualization of the interior, we are ready to make your wildest ideas a reality. You will be able to see how interior ideas will look in life, you will be able to choose the style of the interior of the room, color design and choose finishing materials.
The price of 3d visualization of the interior of one room is fully justified by the end result, because this is a guarantee of full mutual understanding between the customer and the contractor, the designer and the client.


The price of 3D visualization of the interior


Features of 3D visualization

      Creating a design in special programs opens up great opportunities for evaluating the future interior. The use of technology will help the client and the designer to discuss details, improve coordination between the specialists working on the project. Panoramic images with the ability to dynamically change the viewing angle allow you to make the most plausible journey through the designed objects.

3d visualization of the room makes it possible to:
* evaluate the functionality of the space;
* determination of practicality in the arrangement of things;
* normalization of lighting;
* quick adjustments and changes;
* simplifying the perception of complex compositions.

Pricing factors


We offer a transparent and flexible pricing system based on three components.
1. Urgency of order fulfillment. Some projects are carried out without haste, so the designer has more time to implement the planned. Urgent orders are implemented promptly, but the quality of execution does not suffer.
2. Project details. High accuracy and clarity of drawing details takes a lot of time for a specialist, which means that the price will be higher. Projects with a minimum number of interior details are carried out faster, therefore they have a lower cost.
3. Scale. It is logical that the cost of visualizing the interior of a room of 14 sq.m. will be lower than the price for working on a production room with an area of 100 sq.m.

Our online calculator will help you navigate the prices. You can get a free consultation by phone, after discussing each pricing factor with the manager and expressing your wishes regarding the future project. If possible, come to our office, the address of which is written in the contacts. There you will get all the necessary information, if necessary, we can come to you ourselves
Let's create your comfort zone together!



The price of 3D visualization of the interior


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