3d visualization of interiors. The cost of 3d


    3D visualization of the interior is a graphic image that displays the design of the room in a realistic way. This is a modern computer technology that allows you to see the placement and selection of furniture, evaluate the color scheme, choose lighting and decorative elements. 3d visualization of interiors creates a sense of presence, it's like magic that takes us beyond the boundaries of reality. Ideas that are only in the designer's thoughts can now be seen in reality, discussed with investors and potential customers.

3d visualization of interiors. The cost of 3d

3d visualization of interiors. The cost of 3d

    The practical value of 3D visualization in interior planning


The cost of 3D visualization of the interior is fully justified, because it is quite a difficult job that takes a lot of time from the most experienced specialists. But the finished project will not disappoint you if:
* there will be a layout or redevelopment of the premises: visualization will help to take into account a lot of technical nuances, competently approach the organization of space;
* it is necessary to think over the arrangement of furniture, the placement of sockets and switches: everything will be convenient, thoughtful and beautiful;
* it is important to organize the office space as functionally as possible;
• it is necessary to choose finishing materials: you will be able to evaluate design options and different color solutions, choosing the most attractive and harmonious.

It is worth mentioning some more about the convenience of this service. A sheet with a specification of finishing and other materials is usually attached to the visualization project, i.e. it can be provided in a building materials store and easily procured. Even in the absence of any material, our designer will advise where it can be purchased in your city. At the stage of creating the visualization, we use the textures of real-life finishing materials, their texture, color and shade. This nuance can be agreed upon at the stage of drawing up the terms of reference. Another "convenience" of having visualization can be called a common understanding of the builders and the customer. After all, it is easier to understand each other by discussing the details of a visualization project than by two-dimensional drawings, where the basic information is more engineering in nature, incomprehensible to the end user.
Furniture and decorative elements. The final refinement of the interior is filling the space with furniture - tables, beds, sofas, chairs and of course decorative elements. Visualization allows you to include these elements. Their realism and similarity to real furniture will be almost 100%. How this is done – we contact the furniture store, agree on the transfer of photos, for example, a sofa that we like, and then we build its model. Of course, the availability of a 3D model from a furniture manufacturer will speed up and reduce the cost of the process, which is usually a frequent practice lately. The same applies to decorative elements, chandeliers, floor lamps and much more. The policy of our studio is detailing every corner of the future interior, bringing it to full compliance with your wishes and ideas. By compiling together the result of this work, we get a high-quality visualization for you and the construction contractor.
Comprehensive information about other types of visualization (exteriors, facades, etc.) you can find it on our website by using the drop-down menu in the upper left corner!

You can calculate the cost of 3D interior visualization on our website using an online calculator.

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